06 September 2008

A 'refresher' idea for Pinoy candidates in 2010

Listen up... Manny, Mar, Loren, Ping, Chiz.

American uber-adman Rich Silverstein recently devised a brilliant idea to refresh voters' memories of the 'sins' and follies of George W. Bush.

He didn't resort to expensive TV commercials or newspaper ads.

Nor did he use mega celebrities, bouncy jingles or dancing girls.

Instead, he did something better: he created posters that acted as... in-your-face reminders. Think Post-It on steroids.

Simple. Idiotproof. Brilliant.

(Now, why didn't I think of that? Lemme zee... ZTEgarciJocjocJosePidalBubukolTongpatsBenborgerNeri...)