31 August 2008

Nobody does emotional advertising quite like the Thais

When I was growing up in the '70s, Filipinos were unbeatable when it came to creating emotional, KSP (Kurot Sa Puso) advertising.

The desired response of getting the viewer or reader to shed a tear (even a microscopic one) or to spend a few seconds reflecting on the message was almost always achieved.

Obviously, it was partly due to the fact that, during those days, the copy writing was consistently impeccable and unmistakably Pinoy as dished out by legendary names like Miniong Ordonez, Greg Garcia, Danny Almiranez, Tony Mercado, Greg Macabenta, among others.

These were admen who were engaging storytellers. And their "stories" always hit a chord because their own personal lives were so disarming -- most of them coming from poor families... struggling in an industry that was at its infancy... armed only with an oversupply of angst and fire in the belly.

Those days of lording it over in this field are... alas, just memories now.

The Thais have become the undisputed overlords when it comes to emotional advertising.

We've lost out and my theory is: most of our creative talents today are rich kids who have never felt hunger pangs in their lives... have never experienced not having maids and drivers and toilet seats ... and will never be caught doing anything 'baduy' or appealing to the country's 'iskwating'.

It's enough to make a grown man cry.

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