25 October 2009

Itsura ng Mamma Mia

Almost every other week for the past 1000 years, friends have been egging me to put together a musical a'la Mamma Mia or Across the Universe or Moulin Rouge using the songs I've written for Hotdog. (Along with the kulit was the request to include such classics as B.A.D.A.F Forever, Sa Isip Ko, Ikaw Pa Rin, and other tunes people are unaware that I also wrote and produced.)

Nice idea. But easier said than done.

One day, I got a bit crazy... and decided to do something about the increasingly unstoppable requests.

I grabbed my videocam and my niece and set forth to do a rough sketchpad of such a musical. After spending the princely sum of P3,000 on the shoot... I took my footages for a spin and dusted off my pirated copy of Toon It.

The results are extremely encouraging. If I may say so myself.

Net-net, it proves you can weave a story (or stories - not necessarily this one) around the songs.

Now to pitch this to Imee.