03 January 2009

Dennis’ Fearless Forecast:


12. Instant amnesia – an affliction principally identified with Pinoys – will set in once more: folks will forget the Pangandamans, Jocjoc, ZTE, the Euro Generals the way they forgot Garci, Neri, and Sulpicio Lines

11. Election fever will grip the nation: TV campaign spots, cleverly disguised as public service or advocacy ads, will substantially contribute to the overflowing coffers of the Kapuso and Kapamilya networks

10. Sex videos will mushroom like crazy, thanks to the coming of Flip HD – the Nano iPod-sized, light-as-a-feather, broadcast-quality videocam

9. Lawyers Pamatong, Pulido and Lozano will, once again, attempt to reclaim their 15 minutes of fame

8. More Pinoy bands will disband because of the lure of hefty salaries dangled by call centers

7. Jalosjos, Manero and Teehankee will seriously consider running for public office

6. Pinoy movies, indie and mainstream, will continue to be predominantly gay-themed

5. A Rivermaya reunion (to include Bamboo and Rico Blanco) will be the biggest grossing ‘live’ event of the year – if looming court cases are nipped in the bud

4. All the presidentiables will attempt to clone, replicate, or retool Obama’s election strategies – up to attempting to come up with a word or phrase that approximates the magic bullet ‘CHANGE’ which catapulted Barrack to victory

3. Filling up your car’s tank will be a dizzying seesaw ride – up, down, up, down

2. OFWs will continue to be our heroes and saviors – their remittances keeping the country’s economy afloat

1. GMA will still refuse to step down; she will continue to keep us guessing whether she’s interested in another term or not